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Meet the Owners


Integra-Turf was established in 2021 by me, Kean Snider. I am a young 22-year-old entrepreneur looking to grow and expand my business in the coming years. I graduated from Brock University in 2022 with a degree in Sport Management (Honours). My lifelong passion for sports is what drove me into the sport management program, but after working summers in the landscape industry (and really enjoying it) I have chosen a different career path to start and manage my own business. I have always been hardworking, dedicated, and extroverted, all qualities that I take pride in and will help me to deliver the best service to you, the customer.

~ Kean


Kenen joined Integra-Turf as a partner in early 2022 after 8 years in the landscape maintenance and snow removal industry. Kenen graduated from Southern Illinois University in 2006 With a degree in recreation and business management. After pursuing professional track and field Kenen returned home and began working in the landscape industry, gaining experience, while simultaneously building his speed training business Maximus Performance which trains hundreds of young athletes in the Waterloo Region

We can assure potential customers that you will receive excellent customer service, a hardworking crew of landscape professionals, and a beautiful looking property once we are complete. We look forward to potentially working with you in the future.